Thursday, May 26, 2011


by: Steve Roudebush
This handy piece of gear has been out for over a year and has been a popular device for venues and individual technicians. We had one in our booth at USITT 2011, feeding DMX to a variety of new items on display. While you might think the new lighting instruments and widgets running off DMX would be the attraction, the magic blue D-Split box was the crowd pleaser!
In a box about the size of an intercom beltpack, ENTTEC has packed a basic 1-in, 4-out DMX splitter. The D-split comes in two output flavors: Mixed 3-pin and 5-pin (2 of each) and all 5-pin. Power is supplied by an included wall-wart style power supply. We are proud to offer both D-split models at just $97.00 each, a fantastic price for a 4-out DMX splitter. During these challenging economic times, the ENTTEC D-split is a great value. In-stock!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Written By: Matt Williams

We often get random solicitations to carry all kinds of products…most of them are minimally relevant to the entertainment industry, cheaply made, or just plain bizarre. Occasionally, something comes our way that sticks out from the masses. One such recent item is the Ladder Buddy.

How many times have you been up on a ladder only to find yourself climbing back down to grab another tool you either forgot or didn’t think you needed? How many times have you precariously balanced your screw gun on the top of a step ladder? How many times has that screw gun fallen? Everyone knows the best technician is the one who has the most tools in use. Why not use a device that will hold many of those tools while you are on a step ladder? Save yourself time and wear & tear on your knees with the Ladder Buddy. The Ladder Buddy is a sturdy tray 10” wide x15” long x 3” deep that securely clamps onto the rail of most ladders. Tired of dropping your extension cord? There’s a clip on the Ladder Buddy for that. The heavy duty plastic body and steel mounting hardware will easily support up to 25 lbs. of your stuff. At $18.95, it is a cost-effective and simple way to save time and hassles.

The manufacturer sent us a demo unit to try out and we were impressed with the durability and convenience. This one is a winner.


A Shure Bet...

Written By: Steve Roudebush

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic spring. We've taken some time off from the blog in recent weeks to complete special projects, attend tradeshows, and help our hard-working customers during this hectic time of year. We have a wide variety of topics to chat up this summer...we hope you will join us!

On to the topic at hand: Earlier this year, we signed on as a dealer with a fantastic, long-running manufacturing of audio gear, Shure, Inc. Shure is well-known for their broad range of microphones, most notably the tank-tough indusry-standard SM-58. Shure wireless systems are also widely praised and are available in many configurations to suit almost any budget.

Shure offers up a wealth of knowledge on microphones. This link is a great place to start if you are trying to pin down the right mic for a given production requirement:
Shure Buyers Guide

You can read all about Shure's long history (founded in 1925!) here:
The History of Shure Incorporated

And, finally, check out their excellent rebate program (ending June 30th 2010) for outdated wireless mic systems operating in the 700Mhz band:
700 MHz Rebate


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Focus as BMI Locations Merge

Written By: BMI Supply

BMI Supply of Queensbury, NY, announced an expansion of sales operations at its Queensbury headquarters by consolidating resources from its smaller sister company, BMI Supply South. “As BMI Supply continues to develop broad product offerings, superior service, and overall industry expertise, we elected to focus our energies here in NY to ensure the best overall experience for our nationwide customer base,” commented Cynthia L. Barber, President and CEO of BMI Supply. “We have an immensely talented team of experienced professionals who are poised to attend to our customers’ needs in all 50 states and internationally. Our centralized operation and diverse inventory will serve as a springboard for continuing growth,” said Steve Roudebush, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Development.

For customer convenience, all phone, fax, and email communications to BMI Supply South will automatically forward to BMI Supply effective March 22nd, 2010. Direct contact information for BMI Supply is as follows:

BMI Supply
571 Queensbury Avenue
Queensbury, NY 12804
Toll Free Phone: 800.836.0524
Fax: 518.793.6181
General e-mail:

Friday, March 19, 2010


Written By: Carl Spaulding

Watch out team @lekogirl is on a roll!

Yes the pun was intended :-)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gaff Dress Challenge

Written By: Carl Spaulding

What do you get when you mix two ladies, two cases of gaff tape and all of the creative styling of two up and coming creative professionals?

DaphneAmanda Lynne


Friday, February 26, 2010

aluPAR Family of Lamps gets Wider…

Written By: Steve Roudebush

After a few delays, Osram has finally gone to full production on the aluPAR64 1000W Wide Flood lamp. This is the final piece in the 1000W PAR64 family of aluPAR lamps (the Very Narrow Spot, Narrow Spot, and Medium Flood are already available…).

aluPAR lamps feature a lightweight aluminum reflector instead of the traditional coated glass reflector typically found in a PAR lamp. This results in significant weight savings for large truss rigs, safer lamp handling, and reduced shipping weight/cost. Furthermore, the enhanced optics result in a cleaner wash of light, better heat management, and reduced light spill from the back of a PAR fixture. To top it all off, the aluminum components are recyclable! aluPAR lamps are an environmentally preferable ECOLOGIC® product.

Our first batch of aluPAR64 1000W Wide Flood (WFL) lamps is on the way to BMI Supply! Best of all, aluPAR lamps are offered at the same price as standard PAR64 lamps, $24.50 each.

Quantity discounts are available.

Feel free to call or email with any questions, or if you’d like to get your hands on the new aluPAR lamp.


Friday, January 22, 2010

New Product Line: Swisson!

Written By: Steve Roudebush

BMI Supply is pleased to announce the addition of Swisson USA to its list of quality manufacturers!

Swisson is best known for the XMT-120 DMX Test Tool (pictured), a powerful DMX troubleshooting device capable of generating DMX, analyzing DMX, recording/editing scenes, sequencing, testing cables, and more. BMI Supply will offer the XMT-120 set (includes case and XLR adapters) for $339.50.

Swisson also manufactures a variety of DMX splitters, mergers, and recorders, in addition to sine wave dimmers. Watch for some of these products in our forthcoming 2010 catalog.


Monday, January 18, 2010

New Product Line: Jiffy Mixers!

Written By: Mark Ross

BMI Supply is proud to introduce the Jiffy Mixer line of paint mixing tools! Tired of the cheap plastic paint mixers that are sold at the “Big Box” stores? We found a real paint mixer that is made in the USA. Jiffy Mixers are made of Grade 304 polished stainless steel. Their unique designs ensure excellent mixing, durability, and time savings.

ES Model
The ES model is designed for medium to heavy jobs in 2-5 gallon containers. It easily fits any 3/8” or larger electric chucked power tool. The ES model is designed for a max speed of 1000 RPMS. $42.85 each

HS-2 Model
The HS-2 model is designed for medium jobs in 1-2 gallon containers. It easily fits any 1/4” or larger electric chucked power tool. The HS-2 model is designed for a max speed of 1200 RPMS. $14.65 each.

Both the ES and HS-2 are in stock at BMI Supply.

- Mark

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays All!

Here is the upcoming Holiday schedule for BMI Supply and BMI Supply South:

Wednesday Dec 23rd - OPEN 8am-6pm
Thursday Dec 24th - Closed
Friday Dec 25th - Closed, Merry Christmas!

Monday Dec 28th - OPEN 8am-6pm
Tuesday Dec 29th - OPEN 8am-6pm
Wednesday Dec 30th - OPEN 8am-6pm, critical shipments only
Thursday Dec 31st -Closed
Friday Jan 1st - Closed, Happy New Year!

Normal schedule resumes January 4th.

Have a safe and enjoyable Holiday! Thank you for a wonderful year.
--- The BMI Supply and BMI Supply South Team

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Written By: Matt Williams

Many scenic paints and coatings become unusable if they freeze, and during this time of year the possibility of that happening is high. So, it is best to plan ahead. BMI strongly discourages shipping paint and scenic coatings when it might sit over the weekend on its journey from us to you. For instance, if you place a paint order with us on a Wednesday and the typical UPS transit time is 3 business days, the shipment may sit in an unheated trailer over the weekend before being delivered to you on Monday. We would hate for you to open the box only to find 1-gallon, colored ice cubes. To avoid this, we could ship the paint via an express 2-day service, but paint is heavy and shipping changes can add up quickly. The best solution would be to order the paint Tuesday morning for delivery on Friday. We understand that deadlines and production schedules can change in an instant, but if you do have the chance to plan ahead, you can save yourself frustration and an expensive shipping bill.

Happy Holidays! -Matt

Friday, December 11, 2009

BMI Supply Announces RevEAL Dealership Agreement

Written By: Steve Roudebush

BMI Supply and BMI Supply South are pleased to announce a dealership agreement with Prism Projection for the new RevEAL line of LED fixtures. The initial offering, the RevEAL CW Wash fixture, represents a significant step forward in LED engineering for the theatrical lighting market. The RevEAL CW won the “Best Debuting Lighting Product” award at the LDI 2009 convention in November 2009.

With considerable experience supplying and installing LED fixtures for theatrical venues, we are excited to offer our customers the unparalleled features of the RevEAL CW. These features include an extended color gamut with multiple primaries, tunable white color temp, mixed source with no color separation, closed-loop optical feedback for consistent color & intensity, and theatre-quality dimming.

In short, the RevEAL CW truly performs as a theatrical fixture should. The uniform beam, control flexibility, and superior low-end dimming are fantastic. We were stunned to see the fixture’s ability to “ghost” at 2%, feeling as if we were looking at an incandescent source.

RevEAL CW is in stock at BMI Supply and ready for shipment! Manufacturer’s Retail Price is $2,295.00. Please give us a call to discuss specific product and pricing details for your venue.

BMI Supply - NY – 800.836.0524 BMI Supply South – SC – 800.670.4264

Link: PDF Data Sheet for the RevEAL Color Wash Fixture

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

City Theatrical DMX Iris Price Drop

Written By: Steve Roudebush

Effectively immediately, City Theatrical has slashed the price of its pioneering DMX iris.

Here are the details:

City Theatrical #2192 DMX Iris

Original MSRP = $775.00
New MSRP = $575.00

As a result, the new BMI price will be $460.00 per unit (was $620.00).

Big "thank you" to City Theatrical!

- Steve

LDI 2009 Product Highlights - Part 1

Written By: Steve Roudebush

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We are back into full swing here with phones ringing steadily and email inboxes filling quickly with holiday production needs.

We thought we would take a brief time-out to recap the recent LDI 2009 convention in Orlando, Florida. It was an excellent show with intriguing product developments and generally positive vibes about the year ahead. We had a wonderful time catching up with old friends, making new acquaintances, and learning more about the latest product developments.

While there were countless fascinating products at LDI2009, reviewed in wonderful detail via numerous industry media outlets, we will concentrate on a handful of products that will soon be added (or already have been added) to BMI Supply’s comprehensive arsenal of product offerings. Part 1 will focus on some of the smaller widget-ish products, while Part 2 (future post) will feature fixtures, large consoles, big toys, etc.

Osram introduced a new 375-watt lamp in the popular GLC/GLA/GLD/GLE family of lamps. The new lamp will have the ANSI code “GLG” and feature the same 3250°K color temperature and 300-hour average life that the GLC (575-watt) and GLD (750-watt) lamps have. The 375-watt GLG option will suit many applications where energy savings are particularly important and lumen output is not as critical. Gel life will also improve.

Stage Junk showed off their new ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool. Every lighting tech loves a new toy and this one will not disappoint. It features all the goodness of the original Ultimate Focus Tool with a clever (and sturdy) ratcheting socket addition that accommodates a wide variety of bolts/nuts. This unit will be selling for around $100.00. The original Ultimate Focus Tool has dropped down to ~ $75.00.

Baxter Controls (BCI), home of the “Pocket Console”, showed off a new Pocket Console built directly into a Pelican Case (with power and DMX built into the side of the case). Well done. They also have a prototype iPhone app and associated receiver/DMX box in the works for wireless control. Stay tuned.

ENTTEC won an ESTA award for the DMXIS control system, a simple yet slick interface and control system for flexible lighting control by artists, bands, small performance groups, etc. It can handle everything from a simple PARCAN rig to moving lights. We had a chance to play with this in the BMI Studio a few months ago and were impressed. Works with MAC or PC, price is just $259.00. Congratulations to ENTTEC! Be sure to check out their other unique interface and control devices including the USB-DMX Pro, ODE Ethernet/DMX Nodes, and more.

Rescue Tape had a booth overflowing with myriad examples of their product in use – plumbing, electrical insulation, watertight seals, hammer grips, and countless others. In case you haven’t seen it, Rescue tape is silicon based “tape” that adheres to itself and forms a permanent bond in about a minute. Amazing stuff. Coming to the BMI Supply catalog in 2010.

Seachanger introduced a line of dichroic glass filters. These precision glass filters come preinstalled in a sleek frame with easy-grip handle for dropping into your fixtures, all for about the same price offered by other glass manufacturers (who do not include a frame). The initial offering includes Congo Blue, Deep Blue, Deep Red, Amber, Magenta, CTO (various levels), CTB (various levels), UV/IR, and Woods Glass. More color choices will likely follow. Currently available for 6.25” color frame slots.

Ultratec FX is working on a prototype pyro module that will convert a traditional Pyroflash (two-pin base) standard pod into an updated pod that will accept their new line of squib-style Theatrical Flash effects (and other effects). This will open the door for much cleaner and brilliant effects than older Pyroflash cartridges, without completely abandoning the robust and convenient Pyroflash hardware. More details to follow in 2010!

If you have any questions about the above items, feel free to give us a call:
BMI Supply – 1.800.836.0524
BMI Supply South – 1.800.670.4264

- Steve

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wrapping up LDI2009...

Written By: Steve Roudebush

It has been a whirlwind past few days at the LDI 2009 convention in Orlando!  We saw many interesting new products including ETC's Rigging, fresh innovations from Seachanger, oodles of truss, and of course myriad LED fixtures.

A special congrats to Prism Projection for the new Reveal Wash LED fixture which won Best Debuting Product for the lighting category!  Check out our post earlier this month and keep an eye out for product availability very soon.

We have lots more to share about the show in the coming days.  For now, goodbye from Orlando!

- Steve

Thursday, November 19, 2009

ETC Enters the Rigging Market

Written By: Carl Spaulding

ETC has just released the big news for LDI 2009! They have a new automated rigging hoist and controls! The full press release can be viewed here.

BMI Supply had the opportunity to preview the product and we think it's fabulous! Be sure to stop by the ETC booth at LDI 2009 and see this new innovation first hand.

Thanks as always
Carl 11-19-2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LDI 2009

Written By: Steve Roudebush

Good Morning!  We're off to Orlando today for LDI 2009.  We will check out the latest industry equipment, catch up with old friends, and hopefully make some new acquaintances.

In addition to walking the show floor, we will be exhibiting our line of innovative scenic hardware.  Please stop by and see us at booth #1205

Friday, November 6, 2009

Introducing the RevEAL Color Wash

Written By: Carl Spaulding

An old friend of ours stopped by the other day to show us the new LED fixture from Prism Projection. The RevEAL Color Wash is one of the most well engineered LED fixtures we’ve seen. The RevEAL uses 5 separate “primaries” creating a very broad spectrum of available color. The color engine uses proprietary technology to create a fully mixed beam with no color shadowing. The beam is very even and similar to a PC spotlight. The processor automatically calibrates the color to ensure consistency from one fixture to the next. The shell is primarily made of durable plastics which allow it to be lightweight (20lbs). Power consumption is a scant 180 watts. Power pass-thru makes it a simple task to stack up 13 fixtures on a single 20 amp circuit.

The images below show the beam from the RevEAL Color Wash on the left compared to a classic SeaChanger on the right.The SeaChanger was lamped with an HPL 750 and intensity was set at approximately 80% to match the colors produced by the RevEAL Color Wash.

(Click on the images to see them full size)
Red Green Blue

The Colors from the RevEAL Color Wash showed very well. The Red is very saturate, the blue was very strong and the greens were punchy and bright.

And a picture of the fixture up close and personal!

Thanks as always - Carl 11-11-2009

LEE Urban Effects Filters

Written By: Steve Roudebush

Welcome to November everyone! It has been a hectic fall here at BMI Supply. Back in September, LEE Filters launched seven (7) new gel colors under the umbrella of “Urban Effects Filters”. These are specialized filters intended for a distinct design purpose – presenting sodium streetlight/industrial color temperatures using standard theatrical or studio fixtures. Each filter was developed to work with specific source temperatures to yield a variety of strengths/types of sodium lighting effects. These will help many designers take the guesswork out of picking traditional filters to mimic an “urban” lighting look. Unlike traditional new gel color introductions (which usually consist of random colors across the spectrum), LEE has smartly addressed a niche design need. Kudos!

Why write about this now? Well, the gel is finally here in the USA! Our first order is en route from LEE in California. We’ll have stock by the middle of next week. As with all standard LEE colors, BMI Supply’s price is $5.85 per sheet.

Here are the colors in detail:

You can check out LEE’s new colors at the LEE Filters booth at LDI2009 in Orlando Nov. 20-22.

Feel free to call or email with any questions

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 2, 2009

RIP 120-watt BR40 Flood

Written By: Steve Roudebush

In countless theatres and auditoriums hang rows of R40 borderlights. These titans of area lighting are often lamped with a general lighting mainstay - the 120W BR40 flood lamp. As our country “goes green”, the BR family of lamps (in select wattages) is being legislated into the National Museum of Inefficiency (one might argue there are countless items that should go in such a fictitious museum ahead of BR lamps, but that’s another post…).

So, supplies of 120 BR40 Flood lamps are dwindling…and they can’t be offered for sale into certain states. Most major lamp manufacturers have ceased producing them. For owners of R40s, what are the options? Well, there are plenty, including one we’ve tested here in the BMI Studio that should suit a broad range of users and doesn’t cost twice what a BR40 did.

Let’s start with our top option:
90-watt PAR38 Wide Flood 50° 120V – Ushio – BMI Price: $4.75 each

25% lower wattage than a 120W BR40 Flood, less heat, more lumens, longer life! The primary drawback is the PAR38 lens vs. the simple frosted glass of a BR flood. Even with the wide 50° lens, the PAR38 cannot match the wide dispersion of a BR flood. The tighter control, however, may be ideal in some circumstances. Also, the PAR lens creates a more uneven pool of light compared to the BR flood. In a borderlight scenario, this is mitigated by the multiple lamp outputs blending and smoothing each other out. Light frost gel can also help smooth and widen the pool of light.

Here are key specs side-by-side:

 120W BR40 Flood 120V90 PAR38 WFL50 120V
Watts120 watts90 watts
Voltage120 volts120 volts
Approx. Lumens1150 lm1300 lm
Center beam candlepower1000 cd1500 cd
Color temperature~ 2750°K~ 2925°K
Average life2000 hours2500 hours

We fired up the above 90W PAR38 WFL50 alongside a 120W BR40 FL here in the Studio. See the picture below (PAR on the left, BR40 flood on the right).

Note the BR40 (on the right) spreads out much faster (bright spot on the wall) and fades out towards the bottom (see bottom right corner of wall). The PAR, however, is providing better center beam brightness and overall lumen output (see even brightness along bottom of wall). Note the PAR edge streakiness, which would be reduced in a borderlight by the individual lamp compartment sides.

We used to sell the 120W BR40 Flood at $3.45 each. PAR lamps, as you might guess, are inherently more costly. But, at just $4.75 each, the 90W PAR38 WFL50 is a good value. You gain 25% improvement in longevity, 25% energy consumption savings, and 13% improvement in output.

Other options:

  • 300 BR40 Flood – Oddly enough the legislation doesn’t care about much over 250-watts. So, you could actually use more energy and you’re fine. We don’t necessarily recommend that, but wanted you to know the options. Beware your dimmer capacity, however.

  • Other PAR38 Lamps – There are other PAR38 flood lamps in a variety of wattages (75W, 90W, 120W, 250W, etc). However, most of these flood lamps max out at a 30° beam spread. Again, these might work for some situations, but represent less than half of the spread of a BR40 lamp. We’re happy to discuss options if you are interested.

Hope this helps! We welcome your thoughts and/or suggestions.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

LED Tech & The LIFI Source

Written By: Carl Spaulding

Mr. Rick Slaugh posed a question on our Face Book discussion forum and I’d like to open the conversation to a broader audience. Please comment and let us know your thoughts.

Rick Slaugh (York, PA) wrote:

How about lamp technology? Are you seeing any shift towards LED technology in your industry?

Carl Spaulding (Queensbury, NY) Wrote:

We are definitively seeing a move toward LED sources. With RGB and RGBA color mixing and quickly improving output these fixtures are providing a new tool in the art of lighting. The troubling part is the shortcomings of LEDs as a light source in entertainment venues. Sure LEDs are more efficient (lumens/watt) than traditional Tungsten/Halogen sources but total lumen output still has yet to catch up. Also, LED fixtures are primarily used for wash lighting since a point-source LED isn't capable of producing enough lumens for use in a traditional profile fixture. Undoubtedly manufacturers are tackling new forms of profile-type fixtures than can employ LEDs.

On a different but related note, the LIFI plasma source by Luxim produces more lumens/watt than an LED and is essentially a point source making it useful in profile fixtures. While it isn't an RGB source (so it doesn't natively provide color mixing options), the efficiency alone makes it a viable alternative. The trade-off is limited dimming capability. Unlike other discharge sources, it can be dimmed using a standard dimmer but the bottom of the curve cuts off at 20%. This hard cut doesn’t provide the kind of dimming curve we prefer in theatrical applications. The current solution has been to simply integrate some form of mechanical dimming into the fixture.

LIFI "How It Works" Flash Animation from Luxim Corporation:

Links to further reading on the LIFI source:

Church Production – August 2009

Robe Lighting – Robin 300 Plasma Spot

OceanOptics – SeaChanger Nemo

Thanks as always - Carl 09-17-2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Demo Time!

Written By: Steve Roudebush

We are pleased to announce the completion of the new Studio at BMI Supply’s main office! This multipurpose space is the final piece of the recent expansion project here in Queensbury. Designed and executed 100% “in-house”, the Studio will serve as dedicated training/learning space for BMI staff and customers, as well as a testing location for new technical theatre products. With a mix of industry practitioners on staff, we’re excited to have a dedicated space for “play” (not that temporary rigs in the warehouse weren’t fun and all…).

The Studio was the original conference room in the BMI building, complete with four big windows. Not particularly useful for evaluating theatrical lighting fixtures…but nice to have for general purpose use. So, we fabricated sharp new window drapes with blackout linings, allowing for simple tie-back points to open things up. For lighting fixture locations, we constructed a 1.5” SCH 40 “jungle gym” and properly anchored it to the concrete floor. Three walls are painted in a dark charcoal gray, with the fourth wall painted a brilliant white for projections and “cyc” washes. We finished the room off with new storage cabinetry and countertops.

The room is stocked with a variety of fixtures, including Source 4s of all flavors, Fresnels, PARS, Seachangers, a moving light, consoles, and innumerable accessories and other devices. We’re planning a rotating inventory of demo gear from our broad list of manufacturers, giving us the opportunity to work extensively with the range of products we sell. The goal is to ensure we better serve our customers by helping them make smart decisions in choosing equipment and supplies for their respective venues.

For our local customers and anyone passing through (or near) the Queensbury / Lake George area, feel free to swing by! We love having visitors.

Thanks for reading, and have a good 2nd half of the week…


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

LW5 Bonanza, Revisited…

Written By: Steve Roudebush

Well, here’s the official update on Lightwright 5. As we knew, today (September 1) was the official ship date. Yes! This is good. What was NOT clear as of this morning was that pricing went up 20% on most flavors. Ugh. There is good news for all of our student customers: No price increase on the student version.

So, here are BMI’s discounted prices on Lightwright 5:

Lightwright 5 Individual$391.50(MSRP-$540.00)
Lightwright 5 Individual Upgrade (from LW4)$159.50(MSRP-$220.00)
Lightwright 5 Organizational (6-user)$783.00(MSRP-$1080.00)
Lightwright 5 Organizational Upgrade (from LW4)$395.13(MSRP-$545.00)
Lightwright 5 Student Version$97.88(MSRP-$135.00)
Lightwright 5 Student to Individual Upgrade$293.63(MSRP-$405.00)


John McKernon’s website

Interview with John McKernon via City Theatrical

Give us a shout if you'd like more info or need to get a copy for yourself!

Thank you for your patience.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Burning the candle at both ends…

Written By: Steve Roudebush

Our favorite “flicker candle” has always been the CandleLite brand product. The original incandescent version has a reasonable randomness to it and the overall effect looks great even from the front row. When City Theatrical began manufacturing the product, they took a fresh look and made a handful of user friendly changes (most notably, making the Candlestick version just a little bit wider so that the 9V fits inside!).

Another important and somewhat overlooked change made was availability of each CandleLite flavor in an LED version. Smartly, City Theatrical kept the incandescent versions too. Here are the important points to consider:

1. Battery Life – As you would guess, the LEDs win. On average, the LED unit will last about 20 hours on a fresh 9V battery. The incandescent will run ~ 2 hours. That’s 10 batteries saved (10 x $1.49 BMI 9V Panasonic Industrial Battery = $14.90). Oh, and keep in mind that the LED units are the same price as the incandescent.

2. Realism – The incandescent units win. LEDs don’t have a nice analog-ish ramp-up and ramp-down smoothness. No mistake, the LEDs look decent, but are just a bit choppier when compared to the incandescent.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Custom Glass Gobo Glee...

Written By: Steve Roudebush

All too often, price changes are about things heading in the up direction. Well, here’s a chance to point out a price reduction compliments of the cool cats at Apollo. Thanks to newer & more efficient production processes, Apollo has neatly trimmed their price to us on custom black & white and 1-color (color & white) glass gobos. Following their lead, we’re going to pass that along to you. Not much of a break on the duplicates, but the savings on the original should cover a few of your favorite beverages. Here are the details… Custom B&W (1-color) Original Glass: Old price - $161.50 each New price - $139.04 each Custom B&W (1-color) Duplicate Glass: Old price - $86.70 each New price - $86.24 each Remember, if you have a black and white design and you plan to use it over and over again…glass will 1) look better and 2) last longer than a traditional steel gobo. Also, remember that glass gobos are best in modern ellipsoidals that have a dichroic glass reflector (e.g. heat passes out the back). Glass gobos in a 360Q with a 750W EHG lamp will be crying in pain (well, most anything in the gate of a 360Q will cry out in pain eventually). Cheers!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Six Flags Alpine Fest Haus

Written By: Carl Spaulding

We’ve just completed another project at the Six Flags Great Escape! The photos below are of the new Alpine Fest Haus. The overhead and wall banners were provided and installed by BMI Supply. For the last several weeks the entire team at great escape has been running non-stop in a beautifully coordinated ballet of lifts, ladders, saws and screw guns to get this building ready for the park to open tomorrow. As you can see from the photos the final clean up hasn’t happened quite yet but the overall concept is clear.

Have a great weekend and thanks as always - Carl 05-08-2009

Catalog 2009, Part 2: This, that, and the forgotten…

Written By: Steve Roudebush

In part 1, I highlighted a few items included in the 2009 catalog that reinforce the theme of “economy” and “value” choices. In part 2, I’d like to briefly point out a few other tidbits, changes, oddities, and (unfortunately) omissions.

Off we go:

ETC & Selador (page 1) – This announcement happened just as we were approaching the finish line for the catalog. We already had Selador Lustr fixtures out in the field, so we had a bit of background on the overall product. We’re confident ETC will do a nice job with these fixtures. The VIVID is ready and shipping, Lustr and Paletta are due right around now. Demos will be available.

ETC Element (page 1) – This console, introduced at USITT 2009 in Cincinnati, has generated considerable buzz! Like the Selador units above, we caught wind of this just before publishing. However, we couldn’t squeeze any details from ETC prior to press, and wanted to have copies of the catalog ready for USITT. Hence, just a couple teaser sentences. Preliminary data sheet is available here. We are expecting pricing and delivery times to be announced in early May.

Contracting/Installations (page 9) – The catalog is geared towards day-to-day sales and supply orders, but we like to make mention of our offerings relative to installations. Our experienced project managers and installers complete projects including counterweight rigging systems, motorized rigging systems, orchestra pit lifts, lighting systems, and more. Project size runs the gamut from a few dead-hung pipes in an elementary school to a complex motorized system in a brand new performing arts facility. We’ve even rigged some impressive chandeliers! We’re one of the largest ETC dealers in the country and have a certified technician on staff.

Shackle Plates (page 17) – Ratings!

Custom Gobos (page 48) – Lead time for B&W Custom Glass is down to 3 days!

Where’s the Source 4 PAR? (page 54) – Amidst updating Rosco Litepad (new HO version), getting fresh Altman PAR Can photos, and working in the Economy PAR Cans…the Source 4 PAR surreptitiously vanished. Being an everyday, taken-for-granted kind of item, it slipped through the proofing process. Hey, we all make mistakes. We have much love for the Source 4 PAR, so it is back in the PDF version of the catalog available on our main website. Maybe we’ll give it a whole page for 2010?

Lamps (pages 64 and 65) – Just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t see what you need? Call or email.

Parts (page 66) – Again, plenty more available. Oh, and check out the R1DL socket, bottom right. For L&E Mini-Strip and Times Square Sunset Strip. Improved design by Osram…should hold up better than the old ones.

Changes & Updates – It’s inevitable with a print catalog…products change, prices change…keep up to date on the latest with the PDF on our website. We highlight changes with light blue shaded backgrounds.

Thanks again for your business and friendship!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Window of opportunity…

Written By: Carl Spaulding

We just got word that ETC has released pricing for the new Element Console! BMI Supply Proudly Offers The Following Prices: Contact your sales manager for package pricing!

Element 40250 Channels... ... ... ...$ 4,087.50
Element 40500 Channels... ... ... ...$ 4,462.50
Element 60250 Channels... ... ... ...$ 5,062.50
Element 60500 Channels... ... ... ...$ 5,437.50

In conjunction with the release of the new pricing ETC has announced that all ION consoles will now be priced on application. According to ETC’s most recent news: “Ion pricing is also increasing significantly…”. All of these ION changes begin July 1st.

ION pricing good until July 1st 2009

ETC ION 1000 ... ... ... ... ... ...... ... ... ...$ 5,062.50
ETC Universal Fader Wing 2x10... ... ... ...$ 900.00
ETC Universal Fader Wing 2x20... ... ... ...$ 1,725.00
ETC Net3 Radio Focus Remote... ... ... ...$ 1,875.00

If you were thinking about purchasing an ION now is the time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Catalog 2009, Part 1: Stretching your Budget

Written By: Steve Roudebush

As we develop new content for our annual catalog, it’s easy to focus on the latest and greatest…which are often the priciest and least applicable to the broad range of customers we serve. This year, with most everyone’s wallet feeling “uneasy”, we aimed to expand and highlight some of the economical options out there.

Here are some examples for your consideration:

Times Square S100 Wash (page 2) – Great little set light or fill light for small spaces...much nicer price point ($72.25) than some of the other like items out there ($130+).

Light Source Side Arms (page 4) – Nice update on a standard piece of hardware. Aluminum, nice black finish, and less expensive than the standard cast/steel type.

ElectroVoice Microphones – PL Series (page 5) – We had a chance to hear these at our office…wow! Crisp & clear, well-built, and offered for a variety of sound reinforcement situations. Excellent prices…and we have some wiggle room for 2+ pieces.

Martin Magnum 650 Fogger (page 5) – Quick, clean, and simple fogger. Easy on/off switch for fog control. No frills, but a quality machine from a reputable name for just $128.00.
H&H Scenery Carriers (page 6) – These sturdy carriers fit H&H 400 Series AND ADC 2800 Series track channel. Well thought-out and useful for many scenery applications.

REVVO Casters (page 15) – Historically we’ve offered heavy duty casters across all sizes, which can be overkill at times especially down in the 2” and 3” sizes. This year we partnered with Revvo to bring the new light duty D-series to our customers. Sturdy rubber wheel with a plain bearing.

Elation UV Wash (page 36) – Great little UV wash fixtures for small lab spaces, displays, etc.

Economy PAR Cans (page 54) – We love the bomb-proof steel tank that is the Altman PAR Can, but sometimes a nice, light, tidy, inexpensive aluminum can will do the trick. Here they are. Black PAR64 with Edison plug installed…for under $35.00! Pair it up with a new AluPAR lamp by Osram to keep that lightweight feel.

Beltpack Transmitter Protective Covers (page 75) – Quite a saga behind BMI offering these for sale. Long story short, certain customers were tired of explaining drug store condom purchases to their bookkeepers. BMI to the rescue! We brought in a bulk order of unlubricated condoms at a nice price, passing the savings along to you. No more odd trips to the drugstore…simply have us ship them with your other theatrical supplies. And the word condom won’t show up on the bill 

Also check out the Cabaret Followspot (page 62), Production Intercom (page 76), and Hot Wire Foam Factory tools (page 86)!

In part 2, we’ll chat up a few other tidbits from the 2009 catalog...

Shipping Bricks...

Written By: Steve Roudebush

Nothing is more captivating that a conversation about counterweight, no? Here are a few notes to consider: Generally, we do custom cut orders at quantities over 1000 lbs. This also maximizes your “bang-for-the-buck” relative to spreading out the shipping expenses across a greater quantity of weight. We work directly with a handful of excellent steel companies…they’ve been cutting counterweight for us for many years and know our firm commitment to quality workmanship, reliable service, and fair pricing. What if you just need a handful of bricks to get through a challenging production? Don’t be scared off by the 1000 lbs number above. We often have leftover bricks in the warehouse from our various counterweight installation projects. Give us a shout, and we’ll take a look at what is on hand.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Written By: Steve Roudebush

Well, we've had a busy past week or so at BMI Supply. What better way to follow up a Vectorworks distributorship announcement than letting the news out that we've been granted a distributorship for … 3M Adhesives! Probably best to keep those two products away from each other. Anyway, we're proud to build our own stock of some tried-and-true scenic construction products. We've been offering the 3M Fastbond 30NF "Green" glue for years, and now we'll bring some spray adhesives to the table as well…#77 Super, #78 Foam, and #90 High Strength. Nice lineup. To top it off, we'll have 3M's 5-way penetrating lubricant as well, perfect for freeing up frozen bolts, keeping machinery in good condition, silencing fussy set doors, and who knows what else. They say variety is the spice of life…part of the fun of doing what we do at BMI Supply is chatting up something like Vectorworks on one phone call…then 5 minutes later talking to a TD about paint and adhesives (like Fastbond!). Keeps us on our toes, and hopefully keeps us fresh for our customer's benefit. Happy drafting. And gluing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Human In Flight:

I’d like to talk for a moment about flying people. Every year, we get a handful of calls that start something like this: “We’re doing Peter Pan, and we’d like to get whatever we need to fly…” Time out!

With a myriad of important variables, these systems have to be engineered for each specific venue. Rigging a flying system for people is a different animal and we recognize that flying humans is best done by those who specialize in this specific task. If your production requires human flight, here is the list of professionals we recommend:

Hall Associates Flying Effects
ZFX Flying Effects
Flying By Foy

Thanks as always - Carl 04-23-2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome - Our First Post

Welcome to the new BMI Supply blog. We want to present our customers and friends with a fresh view of the goings on here at BMI Supply as well as offer some frequently requested advice we doll out freely. We’d like to start a few traditions, present some interesting information, and give you news about what is on the horizon. To that end, let us begin…

Today’s press release will be my first subject. BMI Supply is now a Vectorworks dealer. You can see the press release behind this link so I won’t repeat all it has to say here. I’d rather talk for a moment about why Vectorworks. After discussions with some influential students at USITT, we thought it might be time to add the Vectorworks family to our already vast array of products. This CAD program is fantastic. It not only covers your bases for drafting and 3D modeling, the full out Vectorworks Spotlight with Renderworks can go all the way to visualizations. With a list price $300.00 lower than its primary competition, a year of free tech support, and a 30 day money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Another interesting note: Our buddy Chris “Chippa” Curran visited and brought along a Hippotizer media server. WOW! The Hippotizer interface is super easy to use, has amazing functionality, and so many powerful tools all packed into one box. I’ve been in lighting design since long before this kind of media integration took off so I’ve had the interesting perspective of watching it grow in the industry and seeing it develop. As an industry, we’ve come a long way with projection and achieved great results. If you’d like to see one of these boxes “do its thing” please contact us to arrange a demo.

Something else worth mentioning in our first blog post are the numerous ways to get in touch with us. If you would like more information on a product, have a production question, or just need some advice, we are at eager to hear from you.

Give us a shout: 1-800-836-0524

Drop us a tweet via Twitter




Sign into our live chat application

Drop one of us an e-mail.

Thanks as always - Carl 04-14-2009