Friday, December 11, 2009

BMI Supply Announces RevEAL Dealership Agreement

Written By: Steve Roudebush

BMI Supply and BMI Supply South are pleased to announce a dealership agreement with Prism Projection for the new RevEAL line of LED fixtures. The initial offering, the RevEAL CW Wash fixture, represents a significant step forward in LED engineering for the theatrical lighting market. The RevEAL CW won the “Best Debuting Lighting Product” award at the LDI 2009 convention in November 2009.

With considerable experience supplying and installing LED fixtures for theatrical venues, we are excited to offer our customers the unparalleled features of the RevEAL CW. These features include an extended color gamut with multiple primaries, tunable white color temp, mixed source with no color separation, closed-loop optical feedback for consistent color & intensity, and theatre-quality dimming.

In short, the RevEAL CW truly performs as a theatrical fixture should. The uniform beam, control flexibility, and superior low-end dimming are fantastic. We were stunned to see the fixture’s ability to “ghost” at 2%, feeling as if we were looking at an incandescent source.

RevEAL CW is in stock at BMI Supply and ready for shipment! Manufacturer’s Retail Price is $2,295.00. Please give us a call to discuss specific product and pricing details for your venue.

BMI Supply - NY – 800.836.0524 BMI Supply South – SC – 800.670.4264

Link: PDF Data Sheet for the RevEAL Color Wash Fixture

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