Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Written By: Matt Williams

Many scenic paints and coatings become unusable if they freeze, and during this time of year the possibility of that happening is high. So, it is best to plan ahead. BMI strongly discourages shipping paint and scenic coatings when it might sit over the weekend on its journey from us to you. For instance, if you place a paint order with us on a Wednesday and the typical UPS transit time is 3 business days, the shipment may sit in an unheated trailer over the weekend before being delivered to you on Monday. We would hate for you to open the box only to find 1-gallon, colored ice cubes. To avoid this, we could ship the paint via an express 2-day service, but paint is heavy and shipping changes can add up quickly. The best solution would be to order the paint Tuesday morning for delivery on Friday. We understand that deadlines and production schedules can change in an instant, but if you do have the chance to plan ahead, you can save yourself frustration and an expensive shipping bill.

Happy Holidays! -Matt

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