Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LDI 2009 Product Highlights - Part 1

Written By: Steve Roudebush

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We are back into full swing here with phones ringing steadily and email inboxes filling quickly with holiday production needs.

We thought we would take a brief time-out to recap the recent LDI 2009 convention in Orlando, Florida. It was an excellent show with intriguing product developments and generally positive vibes about the year ahead. We had a wonderful time catching up with old friends, making new acquaintances, and learning more about the latest product developments.

While there were countless fascinating products at LDI2009, reviewed in wonderful detail via numerous industry media outlets, we will concentrate on a handful of products that will soon be added (or already have been added) to BMI Supply’s comprehensive arsenal of product offerings. Part 1 will focus on some of the smaller widget-ish products, while Part 2 (future post) will feature fixtures, large consoles, big toys, etc.

Osram introduced a new 375-watt lamp in the popular GLC/GLA/GLD/GLE family of lamps. The new lamp will have the ANSI code “GLG” and feature the same 3250°K color temperature and 300-hour average life that the GLC (575-watt) and GLD (750-watt) lamps have. The 375-watt GLG option will suit many applications where energy savings are particularly important and lumen output is not as critical. Gel life will also improve.

Stage Junk showed off their new ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool. Every lighting tech loves a new toy and this one will not disappoint. It features all the goodness of the original Ultimate Focus Tool with a clever (and sturdy) ratcheting socket addition that accommodates a wide variety of bolts/nuts. This unit will be selling for around $100.00. The original Ultimate Focus Tool has dropped down to ~ $75.00.

Baxter Controls (BCI), home of the “Pocket Console”, showed off a new Pocket Console built directly into a Pelican Case (with power and DMX built into the side of the case). Well done. They also have a prototype iPhone app and associated receiver/DMX box in the works for wireless control. Stay tuned.

ENTTEC won an ESTA award for the DMXIS control system, a simple yet slick interface and control system for flexible lighting control by artists, bands, small performance groups, etc. It can handle everything from a simple PARCAN rig to moving lights. We had a chance to play with this in the BMI Studio a few months ago and were impressed. Works with MAC or PC, price is just $259.00. Congratulations to ENTTEC! Be sure to check out their other unique interface and control devices including the USB-DMX Pro, ODE Ethernet/DMX Nodes, and more.

Rescue Tape had a booth overflowing with myriad examples of their product in use – plumbing, electrical insulation, watertight seals, hammer grips, and countless others. In case you haven’t seen it, Rescue tape is silicon based “tape” that adheres to itself and forms a permanent bond in about a minute. Amazing stuff. Coming to the BMI Supply catalog in 2010.

Seachanger introduced a line of dichroic glass filters. These precision glass filters come preinstalled in a sleek frame with easy-grip handle for dropping into your fixtures, all for about the same price offered by other glass manufacturers (who do not include a frame). The initial offering includes Congo Blue, Deep Blue, Deep Red, Amber, Magenta, CTO (various levels), CTB (various levels), UV/IR, and Woods Glass. More color choices will likely follow. Currently available for 6.25” color frame slots.

Ultratec FX is working on a prototype pyro module that will convert a traditional Pyroflash (two-pin base) standard pod into an updated pod that will accept their new line of squib-style Theatrical Flash effects (and other effects). This will open the door for much cleaner and brilliant effects than older Pyroflash cartridges, without completely abandoning the robust and convenient Pyroflash hardware. More details to follow in 2010!

If you have any questions about the above items, feel free to give us a call:
BMI Supply – 1.800.836.0524
BMI Supply South – 1.800.670.4264

- Steve

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