Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Catalog 2009, Part 1: Stretching your Budget

Written By: Steve Roudebush

As we develop new content for our annual catalog, it’s easy to focus on the latest and greatest…which are often the priciest and least applicable to the broad range of customers we serve. This year, with most everyone’s wallet feeling “uneasy”, we aimed to expand and highlight some of the economical options out there.

Here are some examples for your consideration:

Times Square S100 Wash (page 2) – Great little set light or fill light for small spaces...much nicer price point ($72.25) than some of the other like items out there ($130+).

Light Source Side Arms (page 4) – Nice update on a standard piece of hardware. Aluminum, nice black finish, and less expensive than the standard cast/steel type.

ElectroVoice Microphones – PL Series (page 5) – We had a chance to hear these at our office…wow! Crisp & clear, well-built, and offered for a variety of sound reinforcement situations. Excellent prices…and we have some wiggle room for 2+ pieces.

Martin Magnum 650 Fogger (page 5) – Quick, clean, and simple fogger. Easy on/off switch for fog control. No frills, but a quality machine from a reputable name for just $128.00.
H&H Scenery Carriers (page 6) – These sturdy carriers fit H&H 400 Series AND ADC 2800 Series track channel. Well thought-out and useful for many scenery applications.

REVVO Casters (page 15) – Historically we’ve offered heavy duty casters across all sizes, which can be overkill at times especially down in the 2” and 3” sizes. This year we partnered with Revvo to bring the new light duty D-series to our customers. Sturdy rubber wheel with a plain bearing.

Elation UV Wash (page 36) – Great little UV wash fixtures for small lab spaces, displays, etc.

Economy PAR Cans (page 54) – We love the bomb-proof steel tank that is the Altman PAR Can, but sometimes a nice, light, tidy, inexpensive aluminum can will do the trick. Here they are. Black PAR64 with Edison plug installed…for under $35.00! Pair it up with a new AluPAR lamp by Osram to keep that lightweight feel.

Beltpack Transmitter Protective Covers (page 75) – Quite a saga behind BMI offering these for sale. Long story short, certain customers were tired of explaining drug store condom purchases to their bookkeepers. BMI to the rescue! We brought in a bulk order of unlubricated condoms at a nice price, passing the savings along to you. No more odd trips to the drugstore…simply have us ship them with your other theatrical supplies. And the word condom won’t show up on the bill 

Also check out the Cabaret Followspot (page 62), Production Intercom (page 76), and Hot Wire Foam Factory tools (page 86)!

In part 2, we’ll chat up a few other tidbits from the 2009 catalog...

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