Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Written By: Steve Roudebush

Well, we've had a busy past week or so at BMI Supply. What better way to follow up a Vectorworks distributorship announcement than letting the news out that we've been granted a distributorship for … 3M Adhesives! Probably best to keep those two products away from each other. Anyway, we're proud to build our own stock of some tried-and-true scenic construction products. We've been offering the 3M Fastbond 30NF "Green" glue for years, and now we'll bring some spray adhesives to the table as well…#77 Super, #78 Foam, and #90 High Strength. Nice lineup. To top it off, we'll have 3M's 5-way penetrating lubricant as well, perfect for freeing up frozen bolts, keeping machinery in good condition, silencing fussy set doors, and who knows what else. They say variety is the spice of life…part of the fun of doing what we do at BMI Supply is chatting up something like Vectorworks on one phone call…then 5 minutes later talking to a TD about paint and adhesives (like Fastbond!). Keeps us on our toes, and hopefully keeps us fresh for our customer's benefit. Happy drafting. And gluing.

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