Friday, June 4, 2010


Written By: Matt Williams

We often get random solicitations to carry all kinds of products…most of them are minimally relevant to the entertainment industry, cheaply made, or just plain bizarre. Occasionally, something comes our way that sticks out from the masses. One such recent item is the Ladder Buddy.

How many times have you been up on a ladder only to find yourself climbing back down to grab another tool you either forgot or didn’t think you needed? How many times have you precariously balanced your screw gun on the top of a step ladder? How many times has that screw gun fallen? Everyone knows the best technician is the one who has the most tools in use. Why not use a device that will hold many of those tools while you are on a step ladder? Save yourself time and wear & tear on your knees with the Ladder Buddy. The Ladder Buddy is a sturdy tray 10” wide x15” long x 3” deep that securely clamps onto the rail of most ladders. Tired of dropping your extension cord? There’s a clip on the Ladder Buddy for that. The heavy duty plastic body and steel mounting hardware will easily support up to 25 lbs. of your stuff. At $18.95, it is a cost-effective and simple way to save time and hassles.

The manufacturer sent us a demo unit to try out and we were impressed with the durability and convenience. This one is a winner.


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