Thursday, May 26, 2011


by: Steve Roudebush
This handy piece of gear has been out for over a year and has been a popular device for venues and individual technicians. We had one in our booth at USITT 2011, feeding DMX to a variety of new items on display. While you might think the new lighting instruments and widgets running off DMX would be the attraction, the magic blue D-Split box was the crowd pleaser!
In a box about the size of an intercom beltpack, ENTTEC has packed a basic 1-in, 4-out DMX splitter. The D-split comes in two output flavors: Mixed 3-pin and 5-pin (2 of each) and all 5-pin. Power is supplied by an included wall-wart style power supply. We are proud to offer both D-split models at just $97.00 each, a fantastic price for a 4-out DMX splitter. During these challenging economic times, the ENTTEC D-split is a great value. In-stock!

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