Friday, May 8, 2009

Catalog 2009, Part 2: This, that, and the forgotten…

Written By: Steve Roudebush

In part 1, I highlighted a few items included in the 2009 catalog that reinforce the theme of “economy” and “value” choices. In part 2, I’d like to briefly point out a few other tidbits, changes, oddities, and (unfortunately) omissions.

Off we go:

ETC & Selador (page 1) – This announcement happened just as we were approaching the finish line for the catalog. We already had Selador Lustr fixtures out in the field, so we had a bit of background on the overall product. We’re confident ETC will do a nice job with these fixtures. The VIVID is ready and shipping, Lustr and Paletta are due right around now. Demos will be available.

ETC Element (page 1) – This console, introduced at USITT 2009 in Cincinnati, has generated considerable buzz! Like the Selador units above, we caught wind of this just before publishing. However, we couldn’t squeeze any details from ETC prior to press, and wanted to have copies of the catalog ready for USITT. Hence, just a couple teaser sentences. Preliminary data sheet is available here. We are expecting pricing and delivery times to be announced in early May.

Contracting/Installations (page 9) – The catalog is geared towards day-to-day sales and supply orders, but we like to make mention of our offerings relative to installations. Our experienced project managers and installers complete projects including counterweight rigging systems, motorized rigging systems, orchestra pit lifts, lighting systems, and more. Project size runs the gamut from a few dead-hung pipes in an elementary school to a complex motorized system in a brand new performing arts facility. We’ve even rigged some impressive chandeliers! We’re one of the largest ETC dealers in the country and have a certified technician on staff.

Shackle Plates (page 17) – Ratings!

Custom Gobos (page 48) – Lead time for B&W Custom Glass is down to 3 days!

Where’s the Source 4 PAR? (page 54) – Amidst updating Rosco Litepad (new HO version), getting fresh Altman PAR Can photos, and working in the Economy PAR Cans…the Source 4 PAR surreptitiously vanished. Being an everyday, taken-for-granted kind of item, it slipped through the proofing process. Hey, we all make mistakes. We have much love for the Source 4 PAR, so it is back in the PDF version of the catalog available on our main website. Maybe we’ll give it a whole page for 2010?

Lamps (pages 64 and 65) – Just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t see what you need? Call or email.

Parts (page 66) – Again, plenty more available. Oh, and check out the R1DL socket, bottom right. For L&E Mini-Strip and Times Square Sunset Strip. Improved design by Osram…should hold up better than the old ones.

Changes & Updates – It’s inevitable with a print catalog…products change, prices change…keep up to date on the latest with the PDF on our website. We highlight changes with light blue shaded backgrounds.

Thanks again for your business and friendship!

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