Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Custom Glass Gobo Glee...

Written By: Steve Roudebush

All too often, price changes are about things heading in the up direction. Well, here’s a chance to point out a price reduction compliments of the cool cats at Apollo. Thanks to newer & more efficient production processes, Apollo has neatly trimmed their price to us on custom black & white and 1-color (color & white) glass gobos. Following their lead, we’re going to pass that along to you. Not much of a break on the duplicates, but the savings on the original should cover a few of your favorite beverages. Here are the details… Custom B&W (1-color) Original Glass: Old price - $161.50 each New price - $139.04 each Custom B&W (1-color) Duplicate Glass: Old price - $86.70 each New price - $86.24 each Remember, if you have a black and white design and you plan to use it over and over again…glass will 1) look better and 2) last longer than a traditional steel gobo. Also, remember that glass gobos are best in modern ellipsoidals that have a dichroic glass reflector (e.g. heat passes out the back). Glass gobos in a 360Q with a 750W EHG lamp will be crying in pain (well, most anything in the gate of a 360Q will cry out in pain eventually). Cheers!

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