Friday, November 6, 2009

Introducing the RevEAL Color Wash

Written By: Carl Spaulding

An old friend of ours stopped by the other day to show us the new LED fixture from Prism Projection. The RevEAL Color Wash is one of the most well engineered LED fixtures we’ve seen. The RevEAL uses 5 separate “primaries” creating a very broad spectrum of available color. The color engine uses proprietary technology to create a fully mixed beam with no color shadowing. The beam is very even and similar to a PC spotlight. The processor automatically calibrates the color to ensure consistency from one fixture to the next. The shell is primarily made of durable plastics which allow it to be lightweight (20lbs). Power consumption is a scant 180 watts. Power pass-thru makes it a simple task to stack up 13 fixtures on a single 20 amp circuit.

The images below show the beam from the RevEAL Color Wash on the left compared to a classic SeaChanger on the right.The SeaChanger was lamped with an HPL 750 and intensity was set at approximately 80% to match the colors produced by the RevEAL Color Wash.

(Click on the images to see them full size)
Red Green Blue

The Colors from the RevEAL Color Wash showed very well. The Red is very saturate, the blue was very strong and the greens were punchy and bright.

And a picture of the fixture up close and personal!

Thanks as always - Carl 11-11-2009

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