Friday, February 26, 2010

aluPAR Family of Lamps gets Wider…

Written By: Steve Roudebush

After a few delays, Osram has finally gone to full production on the aluPAR64 1000W Wide Flood lamp. This is the final piece in the 1000W PAR64 family of aluPAR lamps (the Very Narrow Spot, Narrow Spot, and Medium Flood are already available…).

aluPAR lamps feature a lightweight aluminum reflector instead of the traditional coated glass reflector typically found in a PAR lamp. This results in significant weight savings for large truss rigs, safer lamp handling, and reduced shipping weight/cost. Furthermore, the enhanced optics result in a cleaner wash of light, better heat management, and reduced light spill from the back of a PAR fixture. To top it all off, the aluminum components are recyclable! aluPAR lamps are an environmentally preferable ECOLOGIC® product.

Our first batch of aluPAR64 1000W Wide Flood (WFL) lamps is on the way to BMI Supply! Best of all, aluPAR lamps are offered at the same price as standard PAR64 lamps, $24.50 each.

Quantity discounts are available.

Feel free to call or email with any questions, or if you’d like to get your hands on the new aluPAR lamp.


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